#rogueemoji is an #emoji  ðŸ˜® #roguelike âš”️ made for #7drl 🗓️2020


When you notice 🤔 some emoji are missing from your phone ðŸ“±, you enlist the help of Emo ðŸ˜€ to track down the emoji king ðŸ¤´ and figure out what's up!


  • WASD to move ðŸƒ
  • Arrow keys for attacks âš”️
  • E to interact with objects ðŸ‘‹
  • P to pass a turn ðŸ•
  • M to enable/disable enchantments ðŸŒŸ

Note on graphics

This game uses platform-rendered emojis 💻, meaning that visuals will vary depending on where it's played 😲. While developed on Windows, it's also been checked on Mac 🍎 for completeness and playability. If you're on Linux 🐧 or Chrome OS, godspeed 🎖️. 

<⚠️⚠️emoji-free zone âš ï¸âš ï¸>

Creator's note

This project was made in 7 days for #7drl 2020. From the start I had two goals:

1) Make a roguelike

2) Use only emoji for the graphics.

While reflecting on what I enjoy the most about roguelikes and rogue-lites, I wanted to see if I could create enough interlocking systems to create interesting emergent gameplay. While I didn't get around to everything I wanted, like armor pickups and extending the enchantment mechanics to enemies (e.g. a Fire Bear), I'm pretty happy with what I was able to put together as a "complete" game.

The great thing about using emoji for graphics is that it provides instant inspiration for additional weapons, enchantments, enemies, gameplay systems... my hope is to work on a follow-up that can incorporate more of these elements, and look forward to any feedback of things players would be interested in seeing.

Thanks for playing!

- Aaron Z. Best

<⚠️⚠️end emoji-free zone ⚠️⚠️>


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This is awesome!

Interesting proof of concept that emojis can represent the world map. Maybe it's a way to make modern teens play classical roguelikes like ADOM :P

Also big plus for the idea of phone as message log.

This was a really fun game! And awesome that you made it in only 7 days!

Very fun idea! I think I found a bug though. I'm in a boss room with a throwable weapon but I can't throw it after it collides with a candle.

Thank you for the catch! Should be fixed now.